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  • A Heart Tower

    A Heart Tower

    $69.30 Buy

  • Angel Cross

    Angel Cross

    $79.00 Buy

  • Aspen Heart

    Aspen Heart

    $107.99 Buy

  • Aspen Star

    Aspen Star

    $107.99 Buy

  • Aspen Wreath

    Aspen Wreath

    $107.99 Buy

  • At Peace

    At Peace

    $87.00 Buy

  • Celtic Life Knot

    Celtic Life Knot

    $69.99 Buy

  • Crescent Heart

    Crescent Heart

    $57.99 Buy

  • Crucia Cross

    Crucia Cross

    $119.50 Buy

  • Eden Angel Cross

    Eden Angel Cross

    $79.00 Buy

  • Forever Lily

    Forever Lily

    $77.99 Buy

  • Garnet Jeweled Heart Locket

    Garnet Jeweled Heart Locket

    $44.00 Buy

  • Heart Star Large

    Heart Star Large

    $53.00 Buy

  • Heart Star Small

    Heart Star Small

    $48.00 Buy

  • Heart Tear

    Heart Tear

    $87.99 Buy

  • Hearts Column

    Hearts Column

    $52.99 Buy

  • Jeweled Dream Heart

    Jeweled Dream Heart

    $77.00 Buy

  • Memorial Keepsake Bracelet

    Memorial Keepsake Bracelet

    $197.00 Buy

  • Pisces Column

    Pisces Column

    $69.30 Buy



    $69.99 Buy

  • Polished Sterling Cross

    Polished Sterling Cross

    $69.99 Buy

  • Polished Sterling Tower

    Polished Sterling Tower

    $69.30 Buy

  • Pure and Eternal

    Pure and Eternal

    $97.99 Buy

  • Ribbon Heart

    Ribbon Heart

    $59.99 Buy

  • Semper Heart

    Semper Heart

    $74.99 Buy

  • Semper Memoria Cross

    Semper Memoria Cross

    $73.99 Buy

  • Sterling Butterfly

    Sterling Butterfly

    $109.00 Buy

  • Sterling Forget-me-not Locket

    Sterling Forget-me-not Locket

    $86.70 Buy

  • Sterling Forget-me-not Threaded

    Sterling Forget-me-not Threaded

    $86.70 Buy

  • Sterling Origins

    Sterling Origins

    $57.99 Buy

  • Sterling Petals Cross

    Sterling Petals Cross

    $69.99 Buy

  • Sterling Polished Heart

    Sterling Polished Heart

    $39.99 Buy

  • Sterling Rose

    Sterling Rose

    $59.00 Buy

  • Sterling Tear Drop

    Sterling Tear Drop

    $54.25 Buy

  • Sterling Torch Tribute

    Sterling Torch Tribute

    $63.99 Buy



    $112.00 Buy

  • The Sterling Butterfly Tear

    The Sterling Butterfly Tear

    $108.00 Buy

  • The Triade

    The Triade

    $97.99 Buy

  • Thinking of You

    Thinking of You

    $79.00 Buy

  • Tree of Life Heart

    Tree of Life Heart

    $82.00 Buy

  •  Castle Priere

    Castle Priere

    $63.00 Buy

  • Amethyst Jeweled Heart Locket

    Amethyst Jeweled Heart Locket

    $44.00 Buy

Cremation Jewelry

Celebrate the Life of a Deceased with Beautiful Cremation Jewelry

At, we understand that cremation jewelry and keepsake urns play a vital role in helping people recuperate from the loss of a dear one. If you also wish to celebrate the life of a deceased loved one, you can wear a unique memorial pendant close to your heart, storing the cremation ash or a piece of cloth of the departed soul.

Unique Cremation Jewelry for Preserving the Memories offers a wide range of beautiful memorial pendants and cremation necklace to help you honor the deceased. Purchasing cremation jewelry could be an important step towards healing the loss of a closed one. We understand your love for your dear ones and help you to keep them close to your heart wherever you go. For this, we offer numerous mesmerizing options of conventional and contemporary cremation jewelry, and let you to give them a touch of personalization.

Store the Remains of Departed Souls in Cremation Pendants

Whether you are looking for memorial locket or pet urn necklace, in our collection you can find diverse designs and shapes matching your personality. If you are hesitating to invest in heavily priced memorial jewels, thinking that you would not be able to wear these jewels anywhere else, forget this thought; for the days are long gone. We offer uniquely designed cremation jewelry that can be worn in almost all occasions and promise to give a classy appearance to the wearer. We ensure that you invest in the right set of products and get true value of your hard earned money.

We are best at offering the most stylish yet affordable memorial jewelry pieces. Our dedicated staff ensures that your purchased products are shipped out to you within 24- 48 hours. To know status of your shipment and details about purchased products, you can contact our team of support professionals.

Have a question? Call 714-547-4014 now!